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Tiffany Merola , Human Resource & Operations Manager

Tiffany Merola

As a member of the Executive Management Team, Tiffany is responsible for managing human resources and daily operations. In that capacity, Tiffany is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the daily operations of AESI.  Some of her duties include formulating policies, managing daily operations, facility issues and HR issues. Not only is Tiffany heavily involved in the business side of AESI, but she plays a key role in AESI’s technology and development.  Tiffany’s history in database management and call center software development greatly assists in AESI’s technological strategy for the future.

Prior to joining AESI, Tiffany was employed as Vice President of Operations & Development for a call center in Rancho Cordova, CA. Tiffany’s experience encompassing call center services, database and software development spans 15 years, which led her to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Administration.  She has worked with numerous companies in operations management, program management, database administration, and technology advancement.  Tiffany brings a wealth of skills and leadership experiences to AESI’s valued clients.