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Our President and CEO, Marc Albin, is proud to say that Albin Engineering Services, Inc. (AESI) was “founded by engineers for engineers”. Marc worked with placement companies early in his career and began to see that the industry was in need of several things:

  • A firm that understands the technical needs of companies
  • The ability to really understand what type of person the hiring manager is looking for to fill his/her open positions
  • A firm that genuinely values its field employees and strives to take care of them
  • The staunch upholding of professional and ethical standards
  • The building of long-lasting and trustworthy supplier/client company and employee relationships
  • We deliver the people essential to your success!

AESI has been a leader in providing distinctive engineering resources to Fortune 500 companies since 1993. We partner with our clients to build strong long-term relationships with hiring managers and gain an in-depth understanding of their organizational needs. We act as a virtual extension of a client’s engineering team to source, screen and manage qualified engineering professionals for long and short term projects or programs.

AESI creates competitive advantage for technology-driven companies by delivering the people essential to their success.

Achieve your project, team, and customer goals today!

We’re your partner in finding the right people to work on them