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Engineering Consulting Services

AESI finds the talent to meet your immediate engineering sourcing needs. We act as a virtual extension of your engineering team to source, screen and manage qualified engineering professionals for long- and short-term projects or programs.

AESI consultants work on an hourly basis, at your facility, to supplement your existing workforce. Our team of experienced industry professionals recruit, screen and manage these employees throughout the duration of their contract with your organization.You benefit from the availability of qualified engineering talent that will have an immediate impact on your organization allowing you the flexibility to respond to fluctuating market conditions.

image_flag AESI understands the protocols, procedures and the unique importance of the defense industry. Finding quality, cleared engineering teams quickly is a process that we have refined to help you meet project deadlines and has earned us an excellent reputation in the aerospace, defense and commercial industries.

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Management Consulting Services

AESI’s Management Consulting Services (MCS) provides temporary and ongoing management consulting and board counseling to companies, covering all functions of corporate operations. With early stage companies, we will work with your board (or investors) to bring executive level, proven management on an interim basis to assess the operating and financial condition of the company, develop a plan aimed at stabilization first and followed by growth, execute the plan, and manage day-to-day operations.

This plan will be supported with an operating measurement system comprised of key operating objectives and milestones, and will be executed working closely with the board.  We will also advise the board on how to proceed with recruiting new management. Once the plan is implemented, AESI’s MCS team is available, on an ongoing basis, to continue to advise the board and new management on how to position the company for successful and sustainable growth.

For late stage, more mature, and public companies, we work with senior management, to provide counsel and make recommendations on all aspects of operations including technology development, product definition, market positioning, business metrology, reporting, processes and systems, recruiting, and overall strategic direction.

Our core competencies include providing consulting services for the following areas:

  • Technology Development
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Product Management
  • Market Positioning
  • Project Management
  • Cost Structure Definition
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Operations Metrology
  • Execution
  • Leadership Development
  • Management and Board of Director Support
  • Strategic Direction

The AESI team of experienced professionals will work with your key business stakeholders to recommend the most effective, efficient strategy for transforming your business and taking it to the next level to give you the competitive advantage.

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