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Kim Wojcik , Finance/Accounting/HR Manager

Kim Wojcik

Kim joined the AESI leadership team in 2023 as the Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources Manager. Her expertise in recruiting, finance, business operations, and technology allows her to address critical business functions and enable continued success and growth. Her technology acumen is transformative to AESI’s HR and financial operations.

Kim’s background includes roles in the federal government, recruiting, oil & gas, and banking, giving her a broad perspective and a unique insight. Recent roles include HR & Business Manager for an event rental business having diverse responsibilities including hiring, bookkeeping, payroll, and directing technology implementations. She attended Oklahoma State University (OSU) where she obtained her Management Information Systems (MIS) degree.

Raised in a military family, Kim’s childhood included living on Air Force bases in multiple states. Eventually, she settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and two children. She volunteers to help with her church’s children’s activities and her hobbies include British history, online gaming, puzzles, and movie dates with her husband.