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Interviewing Tips: Avoiding Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Now that you’ve written an impressive resume, you’re on to an interview with the employer of your dreams. Impressing them on paper is one thing, impressing them in person is quite another. For a successful interview, remember the Scout rule: Be Prepared.


  • Learn about the company and the group you would be working with. AESI can give you insight into the company, specifically the needs of the hiring manager.
  • Determine how your talents meet the needs of the hiring manager. Your AESI recruiter can tell you the specific skills that attracted the hiring manager to your resume. Plan to sell these talents.
  • Prepare thoughtful questions for the interview. Possible questions include: What is challenging about this project? What are the objectives I would be expected to meet?
  • Prepare to answer questions such as: Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you stay current with technology?
  • Make a good impression by dressing appropriately. Know the exact time and location of the interview, the full name of the hiring manager and its pronunciation.
  • Get plenty of rest so you’ll be at your best.


  • Be positive and upbeat. This is vital to success.
  • Answer questions with more than single word answers.
  • Avoid negative comments about previous employers.
  • Ask if the manager has any concerns about your qualifications. Address these concerns during the interview.
  • Show interest in the job. Conclude the interview by stating that you feel you are the candidate for the job.

If the manager leaves the interview knowing that you have what it takes to do the job, consider the interview a success!

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